INSTRUCTIONSofa fabrics adopt the gray leather matches with black strip, which makes the sofa modern and concise. Seat cushion and backrest inlaid with insert gives a kind of comfortable feeling, The electric mechanism goes with the headrest and the waist pillow, makes it adjustable and meet the human spine to adapt to different angles of comfort experience.产物介绍沙发面料采取现今市场风行的灰色皮革,配上黑色镶条,显得摩登而不掉沉稳年夜气。座垫与靠背上镶嵌的镶条微微上扬的造型,给人一种愉悦舒适感。电念头构配上头靠和腰托,使头部和腰部的支持可以调理,知足人体从头部到脊椎结尾分歧角度的舒适体验。亚博